Do you have a general question about the Francis Family Foundation? This area is meant to provide responses to some commonly asked questions about the foundation and its programs. This list will continue to be updated as additional questions arise, so please check back. If you are returning to complete an application that has already been started, please click here to log on and work on your application.

Q – What kind of support does the Foundation provide?

A – The Foundation supports qualifying nonprofit organizations through grants for:

  • Small Arts Grant Fund support (non-arts organizations may apply for only art program grants, but small arts organizations – past year's revenue approximately $300,000 or less – may apply for program or general support).
  • Unrestricted general operating support for organizations in Lifelong Learning or larger Arts & Culture (in 2014 by invitation to 2013 grantees).
  • Program or initiative support for organizations in Lifelong Learning or larger Arts & Culture (in 2014 by invitation to 2013 grantees).
  • Capital and endowment campaign support (no new requests considered in 2014)

Q – Are there parameters for how much money I should request?

A – Small Arts Grant Fund requests cannot exceed $10,000. See “What’s New” on the homepage for lists of grants by area of interest approved by the foundation over the past few years. There is no dollar limits for most requests, but typically, grant awards range from $2,000 to $50,000 (not including capital campaigns and Small Arts).

The Board looks favorably on organizations that demonstrate broad community support and sound fiscal management. Requests should be in-line with contributions from other foundations and typically should have a mix of funding sources to support the organization and program budget (i.e., the request to the Foundation should be a reasonable percentage of the total annual organization or program budget). The need for administrative overhead is recognized and it is appropriate to include a percentage of administrative overhead costs in the total program budget. Applicants are encouraged to have requests out to other funding sources at the same time.

Q – Does my organization need to be invited to apply for a Small Arts grant?

A – No. The Small Arts Grant Fund is the only open application process in 2014 and any eligible organization may apply. (For more information, see the Application Guidelines).

Q – Is our information private? Will you share or sell your data to anyone?

A – The information entered in a pending online application is password-protected and held private until submitted. The Foundation does not share or sell data. The Foundation complies with IRS disclosure rules concerning grant awards as reported on the annual 990-PF.

Q – Can we submit more than one application at a time?

A – The Foundation typically considers one application from an organization in a grant cycle; however, a Lifelong Learning applicant in spring could apply for a Small Arts grant to be considered in fall.

Q – If my organization is awarded a grant will we need to submit reports and when will payment be made?

A – Annual grant reports are required (approximately eight months after payment), and final reports are sometimes requested. In general, grant payments are made at the time of award.

In the past, Arts & Culture (including Small Arts) grant awards have been approved in November and annual grant reports due in late July or early August. Lifelong Learning grant awards have been made in May usually and annual grant reports due in early February.

Remember to pay close attention to the stated “Board Decision date,” as well as the “Application Due Date” when completing an application. In general, Program requests should be for activities that will continue or take place after the Board Decision, and can be reported on within eight months. General Operating funds are more flexible and may be applied to the organization’s current fiscal year (if it does not close near the Board Decision date), or applied to the upcoming year. For example, a fall applicant may request funds toward their current June 1-July 30 budget, or for the next year, January 1-December 31. A spring applicant may request funds toward their calendar year budget, January 1-December 31, or their upcoming year, June 1-July 31. A request for a program or fiscal year that will end near the Board Decision date is not recommended.

Q – Is there someone I can talk to at the Foundation to see if our organization or program would qualify or if I have questions?

A – Yes. Program Officer Lyn Knox will be happy to answer any questions. Your time is valuable and a phone call is appropriate before beginning an application. Lyn is available by phone throughout the application process at 816-531-0077.